Artist Statement

Poet Bob Kaufman wrote, “…Creation is Perfect…” This phrase has been a lighthouse, a ladder, and a lifeboat in those awkward moments of uncertainty found between unwrapping a block of clay and expressing a cohesive idea. It has been a beacon to illuminate the darkness of irrational fears. A reverie that does not vouch for the product but, more importantly, the action. The process of creation is perfect and beyond that moment all things exist in a state of entropy. There seems to be a harmony between creation and destruction, one defines the other. A block of clay is destroyed to create a sculpture. It is then subjected to extreme heat, which transforms it to something fragile, that on a timeline difficult to perceive, will eventually breakdown and return it to the earth. This is not a duality and should not be perceived as linear. It is more cyclical, like the ebb and flow of tides. This is the creative process in which the artist and the form/concept can meet somewhere in the middle. Sometimes it comes easy, and sometimes it is a long and arduous struggle to achieve. The creation is made out of every experience in an entire life up until this moment, and clay. Every piece continues to take a lifetime to create, so that life itself is a material. And so, art should represent this moment in time, an interpretation of right now. What is created is an attempt to be as honest as possible. Truth is static and fragile. Honesty and sincerity has plasticity. 

We Have Agency.  ceramic, steel, fiber. Cannupa Hanska Luger

We Have Agency. ceramic, steel, fiber. Cannupa Hanska Luger

"As living beings, we all have myths and tales that describe our lives being abused by monsters. These monsters are out of natural order and heroes rise from their torment to defeat them. Monster Slayers found in every culture set out and sacrifice their life for the continuation of existence. Today, we are once again plagued by monsters. It is time to be the hero, each of us must be aware of what we can do in the place that we stand. So that a far future that remembers this era of monsters can sing the songs and dance the stories of our mystic ability to come together and become Monster Slayers." -Cannupa Hanska