Iron Type series
Iron Type series

Edition of 25 mono print; cyanotype layering, screen print and chine colle with mirrored paper laser cut into shape of the Missouri River. 
Cannupa Hanska Luger 2017

The Iron Type series invites us to consider our displacement as human beings from the land, from the natural cycles of the planet and to confront our inability to acknowledge and coexist with the natural world. The cyanotype layering, screen print and chine colle depict the Buffalo Nation reminding us that humanity is dependant to the land for survival. We have separated ourselves from the earth, and we will not survive in this self imposed displacement. These Prints have an application of mirrored mylar paper laser cut into portions of the Missouri River. The mirrored mylar is the same material Luger used in creating the Mirror Shield project, which was initiated for and at Oceti Sakowin camp at the Missouri River near Standing Rock, ND in 2016. Artist Cannupa Hanska Luger created a tutorial video shared on social media inviting folks to create mirror shields for water protectors. People from across the Nation created and sent these shields to the water protectors onsite at camps in Standing Rock. The Mirror Shield project has since been formatted and used in various resistance movements across the Nation.

Irontype series uncropped 3:25.JPG
Irontype series uncropped 7:25.JPG