The Weapon is Sharing (This Machine Kills Fascists)
The Weapon is Sharing (This Machine Kills Fascists)

The Weapon is Sharing (This Machine Kills Fascists) increases permanence of our contemporary stories as told through societies current throw-away technology. Phone objects recreated out of clay in a state of vitrification may last forever and relay urgent recognition of our current environment. Forcing antiquity on our modern technology through a visual approach creates accessibility for Indigenous perspective to immediately penetrate the historical record.

Our contemporary tools of documenting are made out of materials which will not sustain our stories long term. And so impressing onto clay current narratives from Indigenous perspective, as documented on social media in instances such as at Standing Rock, means these stories now last forever. Creating objects of technology out of clay with a weathered finish recognizes how western society credits Indigenous narratives as historically relevant and archival primarily as artifact. These objects mirror the decayed aesthetic of the artifact to inspire institutions who collect our sacred objects to embed this narrative into their basements and cabinets, letting these pieces join our relatives, so that our ancestors may know what we as Indigenous peoples are currently experiencing. Much as we update our statuses on social media for the current world know our stories, these objects utilize a visual language from our contemporary communication, translating into a literal form of talking to our ancestors. Confined in museums and private collections, the ancestors of all nations are close to each other, communicating and creating alliance in dark caverns, as a pooling of medicines which is reflected in our contemporary gatherings such as at Standing Rock. This work aims to let them know how we are hearing them, and we are connecting.
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