PILLAR represents Americas continued force of narrative onto the land through the legacy of colonization. Our contemporary ‘Age of Discovery’ includes resource extraction, imposed borders, continued Indigenous genocide and our general separation from the land as human beings. The Nations of all living things are being destroyed in this pursuit. As human beings we are responsible to the ancestors and descendants of all living things for how we live; not to the dominant colonial power and corporate industries that have led us to believe we are separate from the land. This work in turn honors the Buffalo Nation and the immense giving it continues to do.

This work was installed with multiple layers of community engagement facilitated through FSU Center for Creativity and the Arts program.

Sight specific permanent installation Fresno State University
Approx 9' tall with life size ceramic buffalo skull forms
ceramic, steel 2017

Early Stages of Installation.JPG
Head without horn 2.JPG
Fully Stacked.JPG
Early Stages of Installation.JPG
Youth Helping epoxy horns pre installation.JPG
cannupa wih Girl.JPG
More epoxy.JPG
Young Boy.JPG
Getting Started .JPG
Cannupa Installing 1.jpg
Cannupa Saying hello.jpg
Alumni President looking at Pillar.JPG
Corky Prayer Blessing & Cannupa at Dedication Ceremony.jpg
Cannupa Elder.JPG
Donation to alumni club.JPG