Winter Count is a union of artists cultivating awareness, respect, honor and protection for land and water, for all the living things that have lived here, and for all the living things to come.


A gratitude film created by WINTER COUNT in offering to the water protectors, the land and the water. #NODAPL #waterislife #mniwiconi
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Due to the imminent threat to water and land in Standing Rock, ND we have focused our recent collective work around this place. In 2016, we gathered audio and video at the Oceti Sakowin camp, Missouri and Cannonball Rivers, Lake Oahe, the DAPL route, the Bakken oil fields, Lake Sakakawea, and the land holding all these things. We are in production of film, video and sound installation works, performance, sculpture, drawing, storytelling and song composition. Our work is ongoing, for everyone, and is accessible to the public through online platforms, museum and gallery exhibitions, screenings and public performances. 

'Today we see natural cycles of life disrupted by the extraction and transportation of what we have come to call resources from the land.

The Nations of all living things are being destroyed in this pursuit.

We acknowledge that the need to protect water and land is increasing in every part of the world.

As human beings we are responsible to the ancestors and descendants of all living things for how we live.

So we bring together our minds as artists to cultivate gratitude and respect for water, land, and the interdependence of all things living in this world.

Through our work we bind together our diverse ancestry and cultures, to honor and protect water and land.

As artists we tell stories, stories learned from each other, from land, water and all our relatives.

We are listening, we are watching, we are holding up reflectors, waving flags, singing the horizon and telling the story of how we are now.

As artists we are making visions and asking how we can be, what we can make for our children, and our grandchildren’s children.' - WINTER COUNT